sâmbătă, 4 august 2007

I never been skinny models fan....

.....and i am soo intrigue why soo many men are addicted to this dangerous infamously fashion! When I was younger I use to work for a theather where from time o time ballet dancers was coming for show. I was just a scavenger and doing my work very humble and silence and from time to time I was able to hear this women talking about them misserable diets has to keep for ages. Becouse of long hours work some of them use to faint and the others use to bring back to life using some intravanes calcium. This is the hiden part of this glamourous life... and is the same in modeling and other manufactures who exploit the women. I become a photographer and I never asked a model to have a established weight. ... the imagine of the ballet dancers was to much alive! I never asked any model be anything that she is... soo, this is my mission, this is my goal... to make people and expecialy men see the beauty of women throught them eyes not using the eyes os some homosexual fashion designers. I am here to show the world that God give to women other shapes and forms then this all fashion magazines encourage! THIS is my statement!

First site i was looking of is


who has some

sensual nude photos

I won't speak about skinny ones, just about the ones are on my taste.

mc-nudes.com - PICTURE OF THE DAY

I don't know if her breasts are real or not, but her sensual, erotic forms send vibrations in my entire body.... She have been posted for the pictures of the day, and certainly, I would like see and find out more about her....

Second girl I liked a lot is Nikita and she is easy to find at


Another beauty is Susann! (I don't know if here is double "n" or is just a mistake). She is quite unique and the pictures are impressive!

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