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Orgasm – a “must” for making her happy

The only way to have a mutually satisfying love relationship is through honesty. Most of the times, problems in the bedroom are hard to discuss. If your woman isn’t getting what she needs from you sexually, then it’s going to be frustrating for her and for you. It can ruin your sex life. Bringing the problems up and working though them will strengthen the relationship and will make the love fusion better for both of them. No matter how good one’s intentions were, lying – including hiding – during a relationship is never going to make it stronger.
Have you ever asked your lover if she can enjoy orgasms every time you make love with her? What it would happen if you knew she fakes? No matter the reason she has, this certainly is something wrong, because faking is a form of lying and in the long run any lie will hurt the relationship. Faking orgasms not only interrupts her enjoyment of the actual intercourse, it also prevents you from trying other ways to please her.
Orgasms are such a popular topic. Anyone who has ever experienced an orgasm knows that they feel wonderful and create a feeling not easily duplicated by anything else, particularly when they are achieved in a loving, committed relationship.
A woman's orgasm has been a source of curiosity and controversy for centuries. Its existence has been largely accepted (and medically established) in the last 100 years. A recent survey showed that 40% of women had to stimulate themselves to reach an orgasm; only 27% reached an orgasm during lovemaking! More than 50% of women are unsatisfied with their sex life. 10% have never had an orgasm during love fusion and 70% are unable to orgasm during intercourse alone! Only 14% of women in another recent survey reported having experienced multiple orgasms. Women are unsatisfied with their sex life because they aren't having regular orgasms! It’s that simple!
Maybe there are women who have never had an orgasm, but there is no evidence to suggest some women are incapable of having orgasms. One of the reasons why some women have not had orgasms in their lives is that, for whatever reason, they have never stimulated themselves (self-stimulation is often a women’s first experience). The other reason is that they simply are not receiving the proper type of genital stimulation. Without this, it most likely isn’t going to happen. Even those women who have psychological blocks when it comes to experiencing sexual pleasure aren’t physically incapable of having an orgasm; it’s simply about the result of some past events in their life and if they are helped to work through those problems they will be able to engage in orgasm-producing intercourse just like any other woman.
Orgasm is a combination of many variable parameters, including love, trust, tenderness, courage, abandonment, self-giving and most of all, open communication with the other. It’s important to understand that in fact you cannot "give" your lover an orgasm. She must experience it in her mind and body. When a woman discovers her ability to reach orgasm once or more times, her men feels an increased pleasure to satisfy this bigger and bigger orgasmic potential. Men's wish to satisfy women is noble and necessary but the stress that accompanies it is neither noble nor necessary and can cause performance anxiety. You will approach everything more realistically and you will be less stressed if you are aware of the fact that you are only there to help your lover reach her own orgasm.

Ikandi - Celebrate of Eternal Feminine Mystery

As we said before, any woman can have orgasms. Because of some native aptitudes which are often manifested in a spontaneous and intuitive manner, many women are easily capable to experience overwhelming states of orgasm maintaining themselves with an astonishing ease on the top and in the centre of some such extraordinary intense states of orgasm without losing their control and without discharging. Most women don’t get to experience them because their lovers just don’t know how to make it happen. The first step for a man who loves his woman is to find out why she isn’t able to have orgasms with him, if the case. The second is to help her reach orgasms, multiple times, every time. The third one, for both of them, is to know how to achieve simultaneous and multiple orgasms.
Let’s begin with the first step. It's no secret that women are different than men. These differences carry over many realms, including lovemaking. Men's arousal tends toward instant-on and men respond mainly to strong stimuli; a woman tends to warm up gradually, and generally requires an emotional connection before the physical. So, men should take into account that women’s arousal patterns are much different than theirs. The time from optimal arousal to orgasm is pretty much identical for both men and women; the difference is in how long it takes to reach that level of arousal. Most men often don’t know how to help their lovers get to that point. Because of the gradual and natural stimulation of the native process, which exists in them of experiencing in a spontaneous way sexual continence, women always have a big need of a considerable and adequate foreplay before every sexual experience. (Read the article on prelude.)
According to Taoism, men are like fire and women are like water. In order to satisfy your lover you need to bring her to the "boiling point", which means that you need to keep your fire burning long enough for this. Taoists asked men to practice coitus rezervatus (to delay ejaculation as much as possible and even to avoid it) not only to prolong the pleasures of the intercourse but also to make it easy for their lovers to have orgasms. Many couples suffer because the man cannot make love for a sufficient length of time. The secret for satisfying your lover is to comprehend the stages of her arousal and to learn to synchronize your own arousal with hers. Because of the fact that women have the tendency to practice sexual continence in a spontaneous and unconscious manner, the majority of women reach the state of orgasm after a minimum of 30 minutes.
Another problem could be the physical compatibility. The main oriental treaties on sexology - Kama Sutra and Ananga Ranga, offer a classification of men regarding the size of their phallus in erection, in the poetical Indian style: the stallion man: 7-10 inches, the bull man: 6-7 inches, the rabbit man: 5-6 inches. Taking this into consideration, it is rather difficult to define a precise "standard" and, therefore everyone has the possibility to appreciate on his own if he is satisfied or not with the size of his lingam. But before drawing any conclusion, hear the opinion of your lover. Don't forget that for her, the way you use your lingam matters almost as much as its size. The same treaties subdivided women into three kinds, according to the depth and extent of their yoni: the elephant woman: 6 fingers, the mare woman: 9 fingers, the deer woman: 12 fingers. There are thus three equal unions between persons of corresponding dimensions, which are the best, and there are six unequal unions, when the dimensions do not correspond so well or at all.
Men should also take into account that the strength of passion with women varies a great deal, some being easily satisfied, and others eager and willing to go on for a long time. To satisfy these last thoroughly a man must have recourse to art. It is certain that a fluid flows from the woman in larger or smaller quantities, but her satisfaction is not complete until she has experienced the “spasme génêtique”, as Dr Jules Guyot called the orgasm in his recently published work Brevaire as l'Amour Experimental. As it has been proven, during a profound orgasm, achieved through sexual continence, the body secretes so called the "happiness" hormones, which are responsible for the increased energy and euphoria following it.
The human beings are a species meant for happiness, they engaged in the search for the "tools" to reach it. The starting point in their research is, naturally, the body! Mother Nature endowed women, with special places, which may help men in their pursuit of happiness. In the following articles you’ll learn about the types of orgasms a woman can experience
Ikandi - Celebrate of Eternal Feminine Mystery

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