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Orgasm-Total Orgasm!

Orgasm! Orgasm and Love! Orgasm without Love!Love is an art. Unfortunately, it is something that most people do without giving enough importance to learning, cultivating and fulfilling their being through this amazing gift. Though modern sex specialists' research has shown many times the truth of the Oriental secret principles of eroticism, they are still not known as much as they should be and are even less applied.

Making love is a sublime act that belongs to the natural course of life. There are, both men and women so skillful in the art of love with sexual continence that they can experience at will orgasms and even induce these ineffable states in others, even without physical contact.

When sexual intercourse is perfectly controlled, the various forms of orgasm are a springboard towards superior states of consciousness. It is more than just physical union. Thus, it generates health, longevity and spiritual force. It's also a multidimensional communion that engages the entire being of the two lovers, generating an amazing transformation of the consciousness.

Sex and sexual life is dominated by the principle of polarities – yin and yang. However it is important to understand that the two types of energy are inseparable, it is in fact one energy, manifested under complementary forms. One cannot exist without the other, their interaction is "fluid", and they issue from one another. Therefore, if during the erotic act performed with continence, the man and woman become aware of the play of the two polarities, they have the possibility to become only one being.

Each lover is situated on one "side". When the exchange of energy reaches a sphere of harmony, the two lovers vibrate in the rhythm of one heart. The feeling of having a physical body disappears, all one feels now is a huge energy, vibrating as one with his/her lover. This is the profound, total orgasm of both body and soul.

Many men have had intuitions about these things, but those who are actually capable to expand and go deeply into these special states of mind are quite few, because they usually lose their sexual energy through ejaculation. Women have a greater inborn awareness and control of their pelvic area, and therefore can distinguish much easier between the various sensations and phenomena that occur in this zone. It is also true that women can reach states of ecstasy through lovemaking with continence more easily than men do.

Another aspect that makes the difference between a man’s and a woman’s amorous involvement is that during the lovemaking, the woman does not have a precise direction, she does not aim to something in particular, she just experiences the intensity of all the erotic sensations and perceptions. If she tries to accelerate her own orgasmic curve in order to satisfy the man, she is at risk of losing contact with her own sensations. In this situation, both the man and the woman must know their own rhythm and at the same time to take into consideration the other one’s desires and feelings. Thus, the entire amorous game can be described as a real erotic dance in which the two lovers are the two leading characters.

Another important difference is that of rhythm, in which the feminine orgasm is reached after a longer period of time. Feminine orgasm is an implosive orgasm, while the masculine orgasm is explosive. Due to the differences in the time needed for each of the lovers to reach orgasm, the necessity for the man to become able to control and suspend the ejaculation becomes obvious.

As a conclusion, it can be said that the feminine and masculine orgasms are different from each other in terms of frequency and the level of implication: women reach orgasm with more difficulty, but when they do, they live it with their entire being, expanding their experience to the emotional and mental level; men reach the state of orgasm quite fast, but in the first stages they only experience it very intensely in the body, physically. Thus, in order to reach the prolonged orgasm simultaneously, the woman will have to stay in contact with the sexual excitation so that she can reach orgasm more often, while the man will have to open more on the energetic level, in order to extend the energy resulting from the orgasm to his entire body and being.

The total orgasm appears when both man and woman vibrate at the same rhythm. When their sexual energy form a complete circuit, the two "opposing" poles being reunited. This circuit is represented by the yin-yang symbol, emerging from one another in a perfect eternal harmony. However, the flow of sexual energy alone cannot lead anyone to spiritual achievements, love as well as appropriate mental focus must exist.

Thus, the two lovers can experience total orgasm, in unison, which is a state of expanded consciousness in which their usual limits are spontaneously dropped, limits of their mind are abolished and they plunge into the abyss of beatific void. They discover with amazement the self-abandonment facing the ecstatic experience, the abnegation, the “death” of their egos, the dissolution of time and space, the bursting of a state of unity of contraries. This is the way to resonate with the state of cosmic orgasm. And once they experience such a state, they will never want to go back to what they had before.

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What do we know about our lover’s breasts?

A woman’s breasts play an important part in expressing her femininity. They are in fact her calling card, because they “live” in the same rhythm with her sexual life, they are the echo of all her hormonal variations and reflect faithfully her affective problems. Every time when a woman goes to a doctor for breast consultation, he should ask her: “Are you happy?”, as her breasts witness to emotions and mood.

There is a very close connection between a woman’s breasts and her unconscious and imagination. Breasts receptivity to stress is obvious and has been proven. For instance, before an exam, during a difficult period in her life or even by simply watching violent scenes on TV, a woman can feel breast pain. Sexual unfulfillment has in time repercussions on breasts and can favor the apparition of tumors, mammary cysts or even cancer. All these problems have their source within the couple, as well as the solution - through as much love as possible.

The breasts also express the degree of awakening of a woman’s sexuality and their development coincides with her sexual maturity. Their real erotic and sexual vocation is independent of the maternal function. They represent the most visible erotic part of a woman’s body and many fantasies men have are related to them: caressing them with a flower or gently touching them with the lingam, dripping milk or spreading whipped cream on them and enjoying their reactions as they thrill at the softest touch…

They fascinate us all, by their artistry, biology, size and receptiveness to handling. The breasts are the central point during the prelude, but any other moment of tenderness is welcome. They are considered as the third erogenous zone, right after the mind and genitalia. During the intercourse they enlarge in volume and the nipples become erective. It is commonly accepted and also proven fact that nipples stimulation sometimes provokes uterus contractions. Some women can even attain orgasm by having their breasts caressed.

The breasts have been for many artists an enticing subject to praise. They can bring a woman into prominence and can pull a man out of his lethargy. Some prefer the "apple-shape"; others prefer the "pear-shape". If the breasts are small, this is an extra reason to touch them, to cuddle them. And it’s easier to cup them. Find their charm! They remind of the freshness of adolescence. If the breasts are big, they tell their own story. Unfortunately, there are lots of women who have developed a real complex because of their size. But the beauty of the breasts does not truly lie in their shape or volume. Their beauty lies rather in the way a woman values her breasts: a tight blouse, an unbuttoned button or a generous cleavage.

As in many cases, we have the tendency to wish for what we don’t have and to be dissatisfied with what we already have. A woman has to learn to love her breasts the way they are, to know how to care for them and, the most important, to suggest special attention on them from the beloved one. The one who is not pleased with the shape of her breasts unconsciously rejects the pleasure they can bring her. Attitude makes the difference.

Beautiful, firm, tonic breasts depend mainly on a good hormonal balance. From an esoteric point of view, a woman with beautiful breasts is a clear sigh that in her being the yin and yang energies are pretty much balanced. The hormonal balance influenced by the hypothalamus - a nervous area situated in the brain - is varying according to the psychic state of the woman. Because of this, a tonic, optimistic, happy woman will have firmer breasts than a depressed one.

Simple hygiene rules, as well as avoiding negligence will help her have beautiful breasts for a long time. The first step for her is to pay attention to her physical attitude. She has to control the position of her back, to sit straight and breathe deeply. A correct body position – with shoulders backwards and chin up – has a very good effect on the mind. If she sits as if hunchbacked her breasts will tend to become sagged. Little by little, the dorsal and pectoral muscles will become atrophied. Make faces is a well-known exercise we recommend: the woman has to contract the muscles of the neck ten-twenty times a day, as this exercise trains the great pectoral muscle, by pronouncing the letter X and smiling as much as she can.

Another important aspect to be taken into account is avoiding heat. The breasts hate heat, be it the bath water or the sun. The heat makes the blood vessels dilate, slowing the circulation. On the other hand, the prolonged exposure to the sun leads to premature aging of the skin, with harmful effects on the elastic fibers. Consequently, a woman should make the effort of toning her breasts with cold water, stimulating the blood circulation and toning the tissues. We recommend short cold showers, for two minutes for small breasts, and four-five minutes for big breasts. These showers activate the blood circulation and favor the elimination of the toxins. Little by little, they gain in firmness. A large sponge to pour the cold water on breasts is also recommended and the use of circular movements on the exterior part of the breasts.

Another hydrotherapy practice is to alternate between hot and cold water in a shower. This can increase circulation to the skin by as much as 95%. Since increased circulation stimulates the production of collagen and elastin – the skin proteins responsible for tone and elasticity – the result is firmer skin and perkier breasts. Every time when she’s in the shower, she’s advised to spend a few minutes toning her breasts. She has to simply rinse her breasts with warm water for 30 seconds and then switch to the coldest water she can stand for 10 seconds and continue alternating between warm and cold water for several minutes.

Swimming is another excellent exercise, especially the bras style. Swimming makes the muscles of the back and the pectorals as they are forced to overcome the resistance of the water. Moreover, the pressure of the water is an excellent massage. Take also into account the following exercise: standing on her feet in the pool, with the water over her shoulders, the woman has to open up her arms, and then slowly bring them in front of her, ten times.

The use of body lotions helps in keeping the elasticity of the breasts' skin.
Based either on biological or vegetable extracts, the lotions for the bust maintain the elastic fibers of the sustaining tissue in good condition. A woman should always use solar lotions that guarantee a high protection against UV radiations when exposes her breasts to the sun. After the daily shower she is advised to use a nourishing cream for the skin. Massage is very benefit for breasts. Circular movements are recommended.

Every woman is different, but most of them start to notice a certain change in firmness within the first month, if they take into account these recommendations. It can take two or three months to see significant growth and six months or more to reach her maximum potential in natural breast enlargement, which is perfectly possible. But we’ll talk about at large in our next article.

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Clitoral orgasm

The origin for the word clitoris in Greek is "key", that means it is the starting point of pleasure for the majority of women. The clitoris is the only organ which serves for nothing else but producing voluptuous sensations for the happy owner. Although it is little, it matters more than it seems as it is connected to an important net of nerves and erogenous zones. Thus it is provided with all the means needed to assure its own maximum pleasure. A good understanding of the clitoris is essential to the sexual health and emotional happiness of women.

The clitoris loves refinement. Delicate, modulated touch is needed when caressing it. Man should consider both the variety of zones that produce pleasure and the variations of touch and rhythm because there aren't two women who are alike from this point of view. Every woman has got her own preferences to what sexual stimulation is concerned. If she, by means of self-stimulation, already knows exactly the points of excitation and the ways of turning them on, she may easily guide the man and show him how to do it. She must not hesitate and may even take the hand of her lover in order to show him the touch and the rhythm she wants.

The sensitivity of the clitoris, the pressure of caressing and the rhythm of touch could be discovered by exploring it, according to the woman's reactions: breath, sounds, moans, words, moves which show the intensity of the pleasure she feels or opposite reactions like an absence of sensations or discomfort.

The sensitivity of the clitoris varies greatly from woman to woman. There are some who experience pain if their clitoris is touched directly, others do not find their clitoris sensitive to touch at all. Others may require a very light touch in the beginning but need a firmer touch the closer they are to reaching orgasm. It is best to start out with a very light touch then slowly increase the amount of pressure as you see her become more aroused. Watch her body movements and listen to the noises she makes to see if you are applying too much pressure or not enough. A few women may enjoy a firm, tight squeeze, but not aggressive, at the point of orgasm, but talk to her about this before actually trying it.

The point of pleasure may be approached from different angles as every woman has her preference either for the clitoris' glands, the terminal part of it, or for its body. The place of this point is very precise, occupying only a few millimeters; outside this tiny epicenter the stimulation does not have the desired effect. It is best for the woman to discover the precise point of pleasure by means of self-stimulation and if she doesn't want to reveal her findings to her lover, he will have to find it by softly and carefully by passing the tip of his finger over the tiny enigmatic surfaces of the clitoris.

You will be stimulating your lover’s clitoris using one, two or three fingers. The size and prominence of her clitoris will determine how many fingers you use. If you cannot grasp the shaft and glans of her clitoris because it is small or hidden, you will use just the tip of your index finger, or perhaps your thumb. If you cannot grasp her clitoris, you will want to place the tip of your index finger on top of her clitoral body or hood. Experimentation will indicate which is most sensitive. Gently move the tissue under your finger around in small circles, or back and forth to stimulate her clitoris. Hopefully you will feel the firm structures of her clitoris under your fingertip, when she is aroused and erect, even if her clitoris is really small or hidden.

If you can grasp the shaft of her clitoris, do it very gently with your thumb, index finger and, if necessary, the finger next to it. Gently slide the loose tissue covering her clitoris around, primarily back and forth, getting a feel for the shape and firmness of her clitoris. Determine how much the tissue along her shaft slides around. As you slide your fingers back and forth along her shaft, the hood should also be sliding back and forth, stimulating her glans.

Depending on the sensitivity of her clitoral glans you may want to stimulate it directly or indirectly through the hood. If her hood covers her glans, you can gently grasp the glans through her hood with your thumb and index finger. There are women who have a clitoral glans that is always fully or partial exposed. Depending on its sensitivity, you may be able to apply the tip of your finger directly to the glans, sliding it across the surface, using a very light touch. If a woman's hood does not cover her glans, massaging the body of her clitoris by grasping the loose tissue there may not provide sufficient stimulation to the glans; in this case try direct stimulation. Some women cannot retract their hood to expose the glans, but if you place your finger at the opening to her hood and massage her clitoral glans, she may experience greater stimulation.

Go slow and watch your lover for indications of whether or not she is enjoying what you are doing. Try to maintain eye contact with her if possible, or as much as possible. If you cannot tell by body language, then ask her if what you are doing feels good. Ask her whether you should be going slower or faster, or applying a firmer or lighter touch. After you make the suggested change, ask again. If she does not know, just experiment, but keep communicating.

Continue to stroke her clitoris. If she is enjoying what you are doing just continue in a steady rhythm in order to better support the excitation that will make the woman reach a climax of pleasure. As she becomes more and more aroused, you may want to slowly and gently increase the amount of pressure you are applying, but always be gentle. The speed of your strokes can vary too, very slow in the beginning, then possibly faster as she nears orgasm. Your fingers should always be grasping the loose skin covering the body of her clitoris, causing it to slide back and forth along the shaft. The caress shouldn't stop until the woman requires it or until the clitoris orgasm is reached. If the caress of the clitoris is accompanied by touches and kisses on other accessible parts of the body, the woman will experience an increased pleasure.

The accumulation of sexual energy at the clitoris and the growth of the excitation are ensured by constantly maintaining the rhythm in which the clitoris is touched. Any change of pressure, touch, tempo, risks to cause a fall in the level of excitation. That’s why it is essential that the touch should be made in the most adequate rhythm. When the clitoris is satisfied, it always has the same reactions. During the sexual excitation the clitoris rhythmically vibrates once a second. The closer the orgasm gets, the faster the rhythm becomes. During the orgasm, these impulses succeed each other 2 or 3 times per second. Then the clitoris needs no longer than 10 seconds in order to achieve its normal rhythm.

As soon as she has an orgasm, switch to a very light stroke, as her clitoris is likely to be very sensitive, or move your fingers to her labia. After a while you can begin again or stop. The duration of the clitoris touch is determined by the woman's wishes. Never stop the stimulation abruptly unless she reports she is too sensitive to touch, in which case caress her vulva or inner labia for few minutes. Maintain physical contact as she comes down from her orgasm.

She may experience orgasm quickly and easily, but this may not always be the case. It will take practice and time for you both to get comfortable with this technique. You will want to limit the stimulation period to 15-20 minutes if she does not experience orgasm initially. Make her feel good, but do not irritate her clitoris or strain yourself. You both need to be relaxed. If your woman is really enjoying herself but does not experience orgasm within 15-20 minutes, you can continue the stimulation as long as you are both comfortable with it. Be careful not to make this a tedious act, if either of you become uncomfortable or frustrated it will ruin the moment and the sexual bond necessary for it to be a pleasant experience for both of you.

During the stimulation it may be necessary for the woman to be fantasizing about something sexual. It may be best if she does not think about the massage itself. She will probably need to close her eyes for this as her lover's presence may distract her. This will be easier to do if the massage feels pleasurable, if not she should provide guidance until her partner discovers a technique that works for her.


Many people consider that part of what makes a man, a man, lies in his erection. The hardness and duration of the erection are signs of a man's virility. The erection-phenomenon is the pillar that sustains sexual experience, be it profane or initiated. But sometimes unconscious patterns of behavior can create guilt and worry, stress or tension. These emotions can disrupt your normal life cycle, putting pressure on your ability to express your sexual nature.

Have you ever felt embarrassed about not being able to get an erection or losing it precisely in the hottest and most unexpected moments? For some men, getting her into the bedroom is easy; it’s giving her a night to remember that’s not that easy! Many men experience difficulty in getting or maintaining their erection. A statistic study performed by an institute of sexology indicated that 34 percent of the men examined in their consultation centre were having erection problems and only in the case of 14 percent the cause of this problem was purely physical.

Erection depends on the parasympathetic nervous system, whose role is also to slow the breath and heartbeats, as well as to dilate the blood vessels. Anxiety appears when something in your mind or your body is working improperly causing blood flow or nerve impulses to the penis to be weakened or blocked. A calm attitude is the best help you can get for overcoming this moment. An erection may be triggered a lot easier if before intercourse you relax your whole body, insisting on the erogenous-sexual areas.

Studies in the field have proved that the greatest enemy of men's erections is the fear of failure. The psychological causes of this situation are often due to the man's fear of not disappointing his woman. This leads to a subconscious inhibition of the erection mechanisms. From a medical point of view, sexual fright is just an emotional blockage, but it may also have a physical impact, leading to the difficulty or even to the impossibility of making love. This phenomenon is present particularly in those men whose self-validation is closely related to sexuality. They should see their real possibilities as they truly are and adjust their expectations to those possibilities.

Usually, this situation can be resolved naturally, after a certain period of accommodation and after achieving intimacy, trust and affection in a stable relationship. The correct attitude that the man should adopt is to give up his tendency of focusing upon himself and to try focusing his attention on his mate, giving her pleasure and joy through sensual caresses and intimate kisses. Thus, he will completely forget about his so-called problem. Acting like this will help him feel and amplify the state of abnegation and affection for the woman he loves and will ensure that sexual fright becomes a thing of the past. Now, even a pessimistic man can see that between a shy guy and a Don Juan, there is but one significant difference: self-confidence.

In men under 35, psychological causes are more common. Most cases are passing and easily treated. In general, regular exercise, inner peace, a positive state of mind, a balanced diet and a healthy body weight can not only help prevent erectile dysfunction but also help correct it. Most impotence is related to physical causes (including unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and consuming a lot of alcohol), while a smaller number of men experience difficulty due to emotional or psychological causes, such as stress, tiredness, anxiety or depression.

Here are some suggestions:
*If you smoke, try to stop smoking;
*Avoid substance use/abuse (including alcohol);
*Stay physically fit;
*Eat a balanced diet containing rich nutritious food;
*Minimize sources of stress or anxiety;
*Consider your emotional health.

These are not very easy changes to make, but they are things to think about and could help you be able to attain a sustained and full erection. More than anything, changing your incorrect mental attitude and way of life rapidly cures impotence. Just as useful for this purpose are aphrodisiacs. Ginseng root, pollen, and other psychoactive substances we’ll talk about may cure impotence in a short time, if used correctly and moderately. Another effective method for regaining your virility is the company of beautiful, vital and sensuous women.

The Tantric way of lovemaking, which implies mutual love, transfiguration and sexual continence, is the universal cure for impotence as well as for other sexual problems because it is focused on the sexual practices which imply an exchange, a transfer of energy between the two lovers and on the active circulation of the energies inside the body.

If you are able to make modifications in your lifestyle such as these, including this approach on lovemaking, they will give you the possibility to realize the importance of harmony and the ability to enrich your ecstatic amorous experiences.

Every man wants to increase his virility and enjoy a sustained and full erection. It’s a truth that an erection should be obtained and maintained at will. The practice of the exercises we’ll present on our site can give you a stronger erection, stimulate your erotic vitality and allow the penis to maintain an upright position for hours. However, it is important to understand that no one can obtain these abilities without systematic efforts. These will help you discover a new sense of freedom and control over erection and you’ll gain or regain confidence in your sexual strength and power, as you re-educate your body to respond at just the right moment.

The prolonged orgasm is the way to amorous ecstasy…

The word "ORGASM" comes from the Greek "ORGAO" which means "to be full of passion and pleasure". Clinical experts tell us that orgasm is the moment when physical pleasure reaches its peak. The goal of a skilful lover is not to climb just one peak together with the woman he loves, but an entire sequence of mountains, each higher and with a more profound view than the previous peak. This is an inner journey and it requires some disciplined training, but it’s far worth the effort.

Orgasm is about stimulating richly our energy and experiencing the euphoric celebration of love as an extraordinary happiness. But usually these moments are often too short. For both men and women, the usual orgasm (the ejaculatory orgasm in the case of men and the explosive orgasm in the case of women) doesn't last more than a few seconds, regardless of its intensity.

Who doesn’t want to prolong the duration of the miraculous sensations and feelings felt during orgasm? This justified wish can become a reality: the orgasm can be controlled and we can experience it numerously if we follow the teachings of ancient Taoist works. We can learn how to prolong the state of orgasm at will and how to be transported into delight for a long time.

There are some practices that can prolong the orgasm through a conscious use of inner energies of a human. But we have to take into consideration that a prolonged orgasm doesn't mean the extension of ejaculation, because ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing. For those human beings that can suspend the process of discharge, it will be possible to achieve an unlimited number of orgasms without ever having to cope with the state of exhaustion or diminishing which are caused by the normal ejaculatory orgasm.

It is known that ejaculation is the cause of the resolution phase, it is not orgasm which causes it. Boys who discover masturbation before puberty can't ejaculate, but they can have orgasms. They can also have multiple orgasms like women can, but then lose this ability when puberty adds ejaculation to their orgasms. Adult men can learn how to separate orgasm and ejaculation and how to keep going and easily have as many orgasms as they want. This ability can be developed by extensive training, provided either by manual stimulation or during intercourse. Learning how to do this takes a lot of practice.

It’s very important to understand that orgasm can be separated from ejaculation. Any man can learn how to do this by self-stimulation. The aim is not to ejaculate, but to maintain erection for at least half an hour. All this time the man has to concentrate on his sensations and when he feels that he is getting close to the climax he has to stop self-stimulation for a few minutes.

Strong PC (pubbo-coccygian) muscles are the starting point in controlling the ejaculatory process. They form the so-called pelvic platform and have the shape of number eight. The first loop is the base of the penis or the vagina and the second one surrounds the anus. The spot that has to be stimulated is situated approximately in the middle of the perineum, where the two loops come together. By pressing it we can stimulate the prostatic zone which is the equivalent of the G spot for men.

When having an orgasm the PC muscles contract automatically. We have to learn to release these muscles and quickly re-tighten them at will. Strengthening these muscles results in stronger, more pleasurable orgasms without sexual energy discharging, a sequence of more and more intense orgasms. Very strong PC muscles are the key to having non-ejaculatory orgasms, so men can start with strengthening those muscles (see the article on Kegel Exercices), and then work at slow, prolonged manual stimulation in an attempt to learn how to separate orgasm and ejaculation.

By pressing the prostatic spot firmly and rhythmically men can get an erection, also if it is pressed very hard and this pressure is maintained for a long time they can avoid ejaculation. Self-stimulation and massage of the prostatic spot is recommended, as well as study of all the reactions that appear while doing this. The man has to check if a thick secretion appears from the urinary orifice during the peak moments of excitement. If he notices a few drops it means that he's close to his aim - prolonging the orgasm.

This thick secretion always comes along with a prolonged orgasm. For beginners it is recommended not to be too excited, too passionate, too hasty or in a hurry. It takes at least two weeks of daily training in order to get to such a performance, but this period of personal training is absolutely necessary before reaching a prolonged orgasm with the beloved one.

We recommend contractions of the PC muscles as many as a hundred times a day. It is necessary to be very patient in order to get a good control over these muscles. Once a man has obtained it, he'll notice a great improvement in his sexual life.

Every time he feels he is close to the non-return point, where he can't avoid ejaculation any further, he should relax his testicles and ejaculation will not occur.

Learning how to relax the muscles of the pelvic platform in any position is very important. Also, a man has to stop any kind of stimulation when he is getting close to the climax, but he can do it again after the critical moment has passed.

When the man will manage to maintain an erection without ejaculation for at least 30 minutes, he will notice that it will be very easy to prolong its duration even more. 30 minutes is the shortest period of time required to produce vase-dilatation and the proper muscular tension in order to get a prolonged orgasm.

Each man is different, both physically and mentally, so consider these things as starting points. Experiment and play, and see where it takes. The more we learn, the better we’ll be able to improve our sexual life!

Sexual Continence

It’s a wonderful thing to be in love and to be loved, but there is a peak of love, which is making love.

When love is there, to make love is a wonderful achievement and top of love itself. Most people do not know enough about the profound resorts of sexuality and its significance to the human being. In order to amplify endlessly the erotic disposal of those who love each other, sexual continence is the perfect solution.

Coming from the East, it used to be a great secret of life about how to make love flourish and by making love to become happy and strong. Reaching the West, this love practice – consisting in sexual continence – attained a quick spread, particularly during the last decades.

There are lots of people today who have discovered sexual continence in lovemaking and followed it. This means mainly retaining the sperm inside the man's body without eliminating it through ejaculation or nightly pollution. For a woman it implies the lack of specific explosive discharge during orgasm and reduction of menstrual secretion.

Making love is a sublime act that belongs to the natural course of life. It is more than just a physical union. It's also a multidimensional communion that engages the entire being of the two lovers, generating amazing transformation on the conscience level. Sexual intercourse is perfectly controlled, extremely pleasant and intense. It generates health, longevity and spiritual force.

There is a close relationship between the sexual potential inside the body and the inner force of a man, as it’s known for a fact that all men with special inner force also dispose of strong sexual potential. A woman that practices love with sexual continence gets much more sex-appeal and her beauty and brightness often last for incredibly long time.

Applying successfully the control of the sexual energy leads to an incredibly increase of the amorous pleasure because it awakens a huge number of orgasms, and consequently amplifies the inner fulfilment and the appetite and eternal longing for the lover, as they seem not to get enough of one another. A state of vital regeneration and rejuvenation appears, as well as sexual longevity and increase of charming personality. It is produced the elimination of tiredness, feebleness and turpitude after lovemaking; the amplification of mental capacities, psychic balance and creativity; the awakening of intelligence and personal charm that will be noticed by all those around us; the elimination of any unwelcome pregnacy, considerable decrease of the woman’s period and of the awkward subjacent effects, breasts natural enlargement.

Many women are finally aware of what orgasm is (it’s known for a fact that women need almost 30 minutes of erotic stimulation, whereas the man is done within 10 minutes in most of the cases). Usually, men become so obsessed with sexual achievements and performance, that they forget the real purpose of lovemaking, the profound union with the beloved one. Keep in mind that the best lovers of all time were completely relaxed and aware of what was going on, both within themselves and within their lovers. Once a man manages to practice sexual continence, he will be able to satisfy his lover regardless how much "help" she needs to reach an orgasm.

An intense multiple prolonged orgasm, without ejaculation, has the complex effects of an efficient perfectly natural medicine. Physical love without discharging of sexual energy, realized by an united and loving couple, can naturally protect the human body from deseases, depressions or aches. It is perfect for the improvement of the activity of the immune system. In the same time, beings who practise sexual continence perseveringly are less stressed, much more self-cofident and optimistic.

Moreover, by sexual continence we get a chance to reach back to ourselves as spiritual beings in a superior understanding of love and life. It is a process of expansion of the entire being, not just of sexuality and it is a process that starts with the awakening of a serious interest for the self and with a choice – the choice to take the responsibility of our own virility and well-being.

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I never been skinny models fan....

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I don't know if her breasts are real or not, but her sensual, erotic forms send vibrations in my entire body.... She have been posted for the pictures of the day, and certainly, I would like see and find out more about her....

Second girl I liked a lot is Nikita and she is easy to find at

Another beauty is Susann! (I don't know if here is double "n" or is just a mistake). She is quite unique and the pictures are impressive!