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Many people consider that part of what makes a man, a man, lies in his erection. The hardness and duration of the erection are signs of a man's virility. The erection-phenomenon is the pillar that sustains sexual experience, be it profane or initiated. But sometimes unconscious patterns of behavior can create guilt and worry, stress or tension. These emotions can disrupt your normal life cycle, putting pressure on your ability to express your sexual nature.

Have you ever felt embarrassed about not being able to get an erection or losing it precisely in the hottest and most unexpected moments? For some men, getting her into the bedroom is easy; it’s giving her a night to remember that’s not that easy! Many men experience difficulty in getting or maintaining their erection. A statistic study performed by an institute of sexology indicated that 34 percent of the men examined in their consultation centre were having erection problems and only in the case of 14 percent the cause of this problem was purely physical.

Erection depends on the parasympathetic nervous system, whose role is also to slow the breath and heartbeats, as well as to dilate the blood vessels. Anxiety appears when something in your mind or your body is working improperly causing blood flow or nerve impulses to the penis to be weakened or blocked. A calm attitude is the best help you can get for overcoming this moment. An erection may be triggered a lot easier if before intercourse you relax your whole body, insisting on the erogenous-sexual areas.

Studies in the field have proved that the greatest enemy of men's erections is the fear of failure. The psychological causes of this situation are often due to the man's fear of not disappointing his woman. This leads to a subconscious inhibition of the erection mechanisms. From a medical point of view, sexual fright is just an emotional blockage, but it may also have a physical impact, leading to the difficulty or even to the impossibility of making love. This phenomenon is present particularly in those men whose self-validation is closely related to sexuality. They should see their real possibilities as they truly are and adjust their expectations to those possibilities.

Usually, this situation can be resolved naturally, after a certain period of accommodation and after achieving intimacy, trust and affection in a stable relationship. The correct attitude that the man should adopt is to give up his tendency of focusing upon himself and to try focusing his attention on his mate, giving her pleasure and joy through sensual caresses and intimate kisses. Thus, he will completely forget about his so-called problem. Acting like this will help him feel and amplify the state of abnegation and affection for the woman he loves and will ensure that sexual fright becomes a thing of the past. Now, even a pessimistic man can see that between a shy guy and a Don Juan, there is but one significant difference: self-confidence.

In men under 35, psychological causes are more common. Most cases are passing and easily treated. In general, regular exercise, inner peace, a positive state of mind, a balanced diet and a healthy body weight can not only help prevent erectile dysfunction but also help correct it. Most impotence is related to physical causes (including unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and consuming a lot of alcohol), while a smaller number of men experience difficulty due to emotional or psychological causes, such as stress, tiredness, anxiety or depression.

Here are some suggestions:
*If you smoke, try to stop smoking;
*Avoid substance use/abuse (including alcohol);
*Stay physically fit;
*Eat a balanced diet containing rich nutritious food;
*Minimize sources of stress or anxiety;
*Consider your emotional health.

These are not very easy changes to make, but they are things to think about and could help you be able to attain a sustained and full erection. More than anything, changing your incorrect mental attitude and way of life rapidly cures impotence. Just as useful for this purpose are aphrodisiacs. Ginseng root, pollen, and other psychoactive substances we’ll talk about may cure impotence in a short time, if used correctly and moderately. Another effective method for regaining your virility is the company of beautiful, vital and sensuous women.

The Tantric way of lovemaking, which implies mutual love, transfiguration and sexual continence, is the universal cure for impotence as well as for other sexual problems because it is focused on the sexual practices which imply an exchange, a transfer of energy between the two lovers and on the active circulation of the energies inside the body.

If you are able to make modifications in your lifestyle such as these, including this approach on lovemaking, they will give you the possibility to realize the importance of harmony and the ability to enrich your ecstatic amorous experiences.

Every man wants to increase his virility and enjoy a sustained and full erection. It’s a truth that an erection should be obtained and maintained at will. The practice of the exercises we’ll present on our site can give you a stronger erection, stimulate your erotic vitality and allow the penis to maintain an upright position for hours. However, it is important to understand that no one can obtain these abilities without systematic efforts. These will help you discover a new sense of freedom and control over erection and you’ll gain or regain confidence in your sexual strength and power, as you re-educate your body to respond at just the right moment.

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