duminică, 11 noiembrie 2007

What do we know about our lover’s breasts?

A woman’s breasts play an important part in expressing her femininity. They are in fact her calling card, because they “live” in the same rhythm with her sexual life, they are the echo of all her hormonal variations and reflect faithfully her affective problems. Every time when a woman goes to a doctor for breast consultation, he should ask her: “Are you happy?”, as her breasts witness to emotions and mood.

There is a very close connection between a woman’s breasts and her unconscious and imagination. Breasts receptivity to stress is obvious and has been proven. For instance, before an exam, during a difficult period in her life or even by simply watching violent scenes on TV, a woman can feel breast pain. Sexual unfulfillment has in time repercussions on breasts and can favor the apparition of tumors, mammary cysts or even cancer. All these problems have their source within the couple, as well as the solution - through as much love as possible.

The breasts also express the degree of awakening of a woman’s sexuality and their development coincides with her sexual maturity. Their real erotic and sexual vocation is independent of the maternal function. They represent the most visible erotic part of a woman’s body and many fantasies men have are related to them: caressing them with a flower or gently touching them with the lingam, dripping milk or spreading whipped cream on them and enjoying their reactions as they thrill at the softest touch…

They fascinate us all, by their artistry, biology, size and receptiveness to handling. The breasts are the central point during the prelude, but any other moment of tenderness is welcome. They are considered as the third erogenous zone, right after the mind and genitalia. During the intercourse they enlarge in volume and the nipples become erective. It is commonly accepted and also proven fact that nipples stimulation sometimes provokes uterus contractions. Some women can even attain orgasm by having their breasts caressed.

The breasts have been for many artists an enticing subject to praise. They can bring a woman into prominence and can pull a man out of his lethargy. Some prefer the "apple-shape"; others prefer the "pear-shape". If the breasts are small, this is an extra reason to touch them, to cuddle them. And it’s easier to cup them. Find their charm! They remind of the freshness of adolescence. If the breasts are big, they tell their own story. Unfortunately, there are lots of women who have developed a real complex because of their size. But the beauty of the breasts does not truly lie in their shape or volume. Their beauty lies rather in the way a woman values her breasts: a tight blouse, an unbuttoned button or a generous cleavage.

As in many cases, we have the tendency to wish for what we don’t have and to be dissatisfied with what we already have. A woman has to learn to love her breasts the way they are, to know how to care for them and, the most important, to suggest special attention on them from the beloved one. The one who is not pleased with the shape of her breasts unconsciously rejects the pleasure they can bring her. Attitude makes the difference.

Beautiful, firm, tonic breasts depend mainly on a good hormonal balance. From an esoteric point of view, a woman with beautiful breasts is a clear sigh that in her being the yin and yang energies are pretty much balanced. The hormonal balance influenced by the hypothalamus - a nervous area situated in the brain - is varying according to the psychic state of the woman. Because of this, a tonic, optimistic, happy woman will have firmer breasts than a depressed one.

Simple hygiene rules, as well as avoiding negligence will help her have beautiful breasts for a long time. The first step for her is to pay attention to her physical attitude. She has to control the position of her back, to sit straight and breathe deeply. A correct body position – with shoulders backwards and chin up – has a very good effect on the mind. If she sits as if hunchbacked her breasts will tend to become sagged. Little by little, the dorsal and pectoral muscles will become atrophied. Make faces is a well-known exercise we recommend: the woman has to contract the muscles of the neck ten-twenty times a day, as this exercise trains the great pectoral muscle, by pronouncing the letter X and smiling as much as she can.

Another important aspect to be taken into account is avoiding heat. The breasts hate heat, be it the bath water or the sun. The heat makes the blood vessels dilate, slowing the circulation. On the other hand, the prolonged exposure to the sun leads to premature aging of the skin, with harmful effects on the elastic fibers. Consequently, a woman should make the effort of toning her breasts with cold water, stimulating the blood circulation and toning the tissues. We recommend short cold showers, for two minutes for small breasts, and four-five minutes for big breasts. These showers activate the blood circulation and favor the elimination of the toxins. Little by little, they gain in firmness. A large sponge to pour the cold water on breasts is also recommended and the use of circular movements on the exterior part of the breasts.

Another hydrotherapy practice is to alternate between hot and cold water in a shower. This can increase circulation to the skin by as much as 95%. Since increased circulation stimulates the production of collagen and elastin – the skin proteins responsible for tone and elasticity – the result is firmer skin and perkier breasts. Every time when she’s in the shower, she’s advised to spend a few minutes toning her breasts. She has to simply rinse her breasts with warm water for 30 seconds and then switch to the coldest water she can stand for 10 seconds and continue alternating between warm and cold water for several minutes.

Swimming is another excellent exercise, especially the bras style. Swimming makes the muscles of the back and the pectorals as they are forced to overcome the resistance of the water. Moreover, the pressure of the water is an excellent massage. Take also into account the following exercise: standing on her feet in the pool, with the water over her shoulders, the woman has to open up her arms, and then slowly bring them in front of her, ten times.

The use of body lotions helps in keeping the elasticity of the breasts' skin.
Based either on biological or vegetable extracts, the lotions for the bust maintain the elastic fibers of the sustaining tissue in good condition. A woman should always use solar lotions that guarantee a high protection against UV radiations when exposes her breasts to the sun. After the daily shower she is advised to use a nourishing cream for the skin. Massage is very benefit for breasts. Circular movements are recommended.

Every woman is different, but most of them start to notice a certain change in firmness within the first month, if they take into account these recommendations. It can take two or three months to see significant growth and six months or more to reach her maximum potential in natural breast enlargement, which is perfectly possible. But we’ll talk about at large in our next article.