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The prolonged orgasm is the way to amorous ecstasy…

The word "ORGASM" comes from the Greek "ORGAO" which means "to be full of passion and pleasure". Clinical experts tell us that orgasm is the moment when physical pleasure reaches its peak. The goal of a skilful lover is not to climb just one peak together with the woman he loves, but an entire sequence of mountains, each higher and with a more profound view than the previous peak. This is an inner journey and it requires some disciplined training, but it’s far worth the effort.

Orgasm is about stimulating richly our energy and experiencing the euphoric celebration of love as an extraordinary happiness. But usually these moments are often too short. For both men and women, the usual orgasm (the ejaculatory orgasm in the case of men and the explosive orgasm in the case of women) doesn't last more than a few seconds, regardless of its intensity.

Who doesn’t want to prolong the duration of the miraculous sensations and feelings felt during orgasm? This justified wish can become a reality: the orgasm can be controlled and we can experience it numerously if we follow the teachings of ancient Taoist works. We can learn how to prolong the state of orgasm at will and how to be transported into delight for a long time.

There are some practices that can prolong the orgasm through a conscious use of inner energies of a human. But we have to take into consideration that a prolonged orgasm doesn't mean the extension of ejaculation, because ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing. For those human beings that can suspend the process of discharge, it will be possible to achieve an unlimited number of orgasms without ever having to cope with the state of exhaustion or diminishing which are caused by the normal ejaculatory orgasm.

It is known that ejaculation is the cause of the resolution phase, it is not orgasm which causes it. Boys who discover masturbation before puberty can't ejaculate, but they can have orgasms. They can also have multiple orgasms like women can, but then lose this ability when puberty adds ejaculation to their orgasms. Adult men can learn how to separate orgasm and ejaculation and how to keep going and easily have as many orgasms as they want. This ability can be developed by extensive training, provided either by manual stimulation or during intercourse. Learning how to do this takes a lot of practice.

It’s very important to understand that orgasm can be separated from ejaculation. Any man can learn how to do this by self-stimulation. The aim is not to ejaculate, but to maintain erection for at least half an hour. All this time the man has to concentrate on his sensations and when he feels that he is getting close to the climax he has to stop self-stimulation for a few minutes.

Strong PC (pubbo-coccygian) muscles are the starting point in controlling the ejaculatory process. They form the so-called pelvic platform and have the shape of number eight. The first loop is the base of the penis or the vagina and the second one surrounds the anus. The spot that has to be stimulated is situated approximately in the middle of the perineum, where the two loops come together. By pressing it we can stimulate the prostatic zone which is the equivalent of the G spot for men.

When having an orgasm the PC muscles contract automatically. We have to learn to release these muscles and quickly re-tighten them at will. Strengthening these muscles results in stronger, more pleasurable orgasms without sexual energy discharging, a sequence of more and more intense orgasms. Very strong PC muscles are the key to having non-ejaculatory orgasms, so men can start with strengthening those muscles (see the article on Kegel Exercices), and then work at slow, prolonged manual stimulation in an attempt to learn how to separate orgasm and ejaculation.

By pressing the prostatic spot firmly and rhythmically men can get an erection, also if it is pressed very hard and this pressure is maintained for a long time they can avoid ejaculation. Self-stimulation and massage of the prostatic spot is recommended, as well as study of all the reactions that appear while doing this. The man has to check if a thick secretion appears from the urinary orifice during the peak moments of excitement. If he notices a few drops it means that he's close to his aim - prolonging the orgasm.

This thick secretion always comes along with a prolonged orgasm. For beginners it is recommended not to be too excited, too passionate, too hasty or in a hurry. It takes at least two weeks of daily training in order to get to such a performance, but this period of personal training is absolutely necessary before reaching a prolonged orgasm with the beloved one.

We recommend contractions of the PC muscles as many as a hundred times a day. It is necessary to be very patient in order to get a good control over these muscles. Once a man has obtained it, he'll notice a great improvement in his sexual life.

Every time he feels he is close to the non-return point, where he can't avoid ejaculation any further, he should relax his testicles and ejaculation will not occur.

Learning how to relax the muscles of the pelvic platform in any position is very important. Also, a man has to stop any kind of stimulation when he is getting close to the climax, but he can do it again after the critical moment has passed.

When the man will manage to maintain an erection without ejaculation for at least 30 minutes, he will notice that it will be very easy to prolong its duration even more. 30 minutes is the shortest period of time required to produce vase-dilatation and the proper muscular tension in order to get a prolonged orgasm.

Each man is different, both physically and mentally, so consider these things as starting points. Experiment and play, and see where it takes. The more we learn, the better we’ll be able to improve our sexual life!

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