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Clitoral orgasm

The origin for the word clitoris in Greek is "key", that means it is the starting point of pleasure for the majority of women. The clitoris is the only organ which serves for nothing else but producing voluptuous sensations for the happy owner. Although it is little, it matters more than it seems as it is connected to an important net of nerves and erogenous zones. Thus it is provided with all the means needed to assure its own maximum pleasure. A good understanding of the clitoris is essential to the sexual health and emotional happiness of women.

The clitoris loves refinement. Delicate, modulated touch is needed when caressing it. Man should consider both the variety of zones that produce pleasure and the variations of touch and rhythm because there aren't two women who are alike from this point of view. Every woman has got her own preferences to what sexual stimulation is concerned. If she, by means of self-stimulation, already knows exactly the points of excitation and the ways of turning them on, she may easily guide the man and show him how to do it. She must not hesitate and may even take the hand of her lover in order to show him the touch and the rhythm she wants.

The sensitivity of the clitoris, the pressure of caressing and the rhythm of touch could be discovered by exploring it, according to the woman's reactions: breath, sounds, moans, words, moves which show the intensity of the pleasure she feels or opposite reactions like an absence of sensations or discomfort.

The sensitivity of the clitoris varies greatly from woman to woman. There are some who experience pain if their clitoris is touched directly, others do not find their clitoris sensitive to touch at all. Others may require a very light touch in the beginning but need a firmer touch the closer they are to reaching orgasm. It is best to start out with a very light touch then slowly increase the amount of pressure as you see her become more aroused. Watch her body movements and listen to the noises she makes to see if you are applying too much pressure or not enough. A few women may enjoy a firm, tight squeeze, but not aggressive, at the point of orgasm, but talk to her about this before actually trying it.

The point of pleasure may be approached from different angles as every woman has her preference either for the clitoris' glands, the terminal part of it, or for its body. The place of this point is very precise, occupying only a few millimeters; outside this tiny epicenter the stimulation does not have the desired effect. It is best for the woman to discover the precise point of pleasure by means of self-stimulation and if she doesn't want to reveal her findings to her lover, he will have to find it by softly and carefully by passing the tip of his finger over the tiny enigmatic surfaces of the clitoris.

You will be stimulating your lover’s clitoris using one, two or three fingers. The size and prominence of her clitoris will determine how many fingers you use. If you cannot grasp the shaft and glans of her clitoris because it is small or hidden, you will use just the tip of your index finger, or perhaps your thumb. If you cannot grasp her clitoris, you will want to place the tip of your index finger on top of her clitoral body or hood. Experimentation will indicate which is most sensitive. Gently move the tissue under your finger around in small circles, or back and forth to stimulate her clitoris. Hopefully you will feel the firm structures of her clitoris under your fingertip, when she is aroused and erect, even if her clitoris is really small or hidden.

If you can grasp the shaft of her clitoris, do it very gently with your thumb, index finger and, if necessary, the finger next to it. Gently slide the loose tissue covering her clitoris around, primarily back and forth, getting a feel for the shape and firmness of her clitoris. Determine how much the tissue along her shaft slides around. As you slide your fingers back and forth along her shaft, the hood should also be sliding back and forth, stimulating her glans.

Depending on the sensitivity of her clitoral glans you may want to stimulate it directly or indirectly through the hood. If her hood covers her glans, you can gently grasp the glans through her hood with your thumb and index finger. There are women who have a clitoral glans that is always fully or partial exposed. Depending on its sensitivity, you may be able to apply the tip of your finger directly to the glans, sliding it across the surface, using a very light touch. If a woman's hood does not cover her glans, massaging the body of her clitoris by grasping the loose tissue there may not provide sufficient stimulation to the glans; in this case try direct stimulation. Some women cannot retract their hood to expose the glans, but if you place your finger at the opening to her hood and massage her clitoral glans, she may experience greater stimulation.

Go slow and watch your lover for indications of whether or not she is enjoying what you are doing. Try to maintain eye contact with her if possible, or as much as possible. If you cannot tell by body language, then ask her if what you are doing feels good. Ask her whether you should be going slower or faster, or applying a firmer or lighter touch. After you make the suggested change, ask again. If she does not know, just experiment, but keep communicating.

Continue to stroke her clitoris. If she is enjoying what you are doing just continue in a steady rhythm in order to better support the excitation that will make the woman reach a climax of pleasure. As she becomes more and more aroused, you may want to slowly and gently increase the amount of pressure you are applying, but always be gentle. The speed of your strokes can vary too, very slow in the beginning, then possibly faster as she nears orgasm. Your fingers should always be grasping the loose skin covering the body of her clitoris, causing it to slide back and forth along the shaft. The caress shouldn't stop until the woman requires it or until the clitoris orgasm is reached. If the caress of the clitoris is accompanied by touches and kisses on other accessible parts of the body, the woman will experience an increased pleasure.

The accumulation of sexual energy at the clitoris and the growth of the excitation are ensured by constantly maintaining the rhythm in which the clitoris is touched. Any change of pressure, touch, tempo, risks to cause a fall in the level of excitation. That’s why it is essential that the touch should be made in the most adequate rhythm. When the clitoris is satisfied, it always has the same reactions. During the sexual excitation the clitoris rhythmically vibrates once a second. The closer the orgasm gets, the faster the rhythm becomes. During the orgasm, these impulses succeed each other 2 or 3 times per second. Then the clitoris needs no longer than 10 seconds in order to achieve its normal rhythm.

As soon as she has an orgasm, switch to a very light stroke, as her clitoris is likely to be very sensitive, or move your fingers to her labia. After a while you can begin again or stop. The duration of the clitoris touch is determined by the woman's wishes. Never stop the stimulation abruptly unless she reports she is too sensitive to touch, in which case caress her vulva or inner labia for few minutes. Maintain physical contact as she comes down from her orgasm.

She may experience orgasm quickly and easily, but this may not always be the case. It will take practice and time for you both to get comfortable with this technique. You will want to limit the stimulation period to 15-20 minutes if she does not experience orgasm initially. Make her feel good, but do not irritate her clitoris or strain yourself. You both need to be relaxed. If your woman is really enjoying herself but does not experience orgasm within 15-20 minutes, you can continue the stimulation as long as you are both comfortable with it. Be careful not to make this a tedious act, if either of you become uncomfortable or frustrated it will ruin the moment and the sexual bond necessary for it to be a pleasant experience for both of you.

During the stimulation it may be necessary for the woman to be fantasizing about something sexual. It may be best if she does not think about the massage itself. She will probably need to close her eyes for this as her lover's presence may distract her. This will be easier to do if the massage feels pleasurable, if not she should provide guidance until her partner discovers a technique that works for her.

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