sâmbătă, 3 noiembrie 2007

Sexual Continence

It’s a wonderful thing to be in love and to be loved, but there is a peak of love, which is making love.

When love is there, to make love is a wonderful achievement and top of love itself. Most people do not know enough about the profound resorts of sexuality and its significance to the human being. In order to amplify endlessly the erotic disposal of those who love each other, sexual continence is the perfect solution.

Coming from the East, it used to be a great secret of life about how to make love flourish and by making love to become happy and strong. Reaching the West, this love practice – consisting in sexual continence – attained a quick spread, particularly during the last decades.

There are lots of people today who have discovered sexual continence in lovemaking and followed it. This means mainly retaining the sperm inside the man's body without eliminating it through ejaculation or nightly pollution. For a woman it implies the lack of specific explosive discharge during orgasm and reduction of menstrual secretion.

Making love is a sublime act that belongs to the natural course of life. It is more than just a physical union. It's also a multidimensional communion that engages the entire being of the two lovers, generating amazing transformation on the conscience level. Sexual intercourse is perfectly controlled, extremely pleasant and intense. It generates health, longevity and spiritual force.

There is a close relationship between the sexual potential inside the body and the inner force of a man, as it’s known for a fact that all men with special inner force also dispose of strong sexual potential. A woman that practices love with sexual continence gets much more sex-appeal and her beauty and brightness often last for incredibly long time.

Applying successfully the control of the sexual energy leads to an incredibly increase of the amorous pleasure because it awakens a huge number of orgasms, and consequently amplifies the inner fulfilment and the appetite and eternal longing for the lover, as they seem not to get enough of one another. A state of vital regeneration and rejuvenation appears, as well as sexual longevity and increase of charming personality. It is produced the elimination of tiredness, feebleness and turpitude after lovemaking; the amplification of mental capacities, psychic balance and creativity; the awakening of intelligence and personal charm that will be noticed by all those around us; the elimination of any unwelcome pregnacy, considerable decrease of the woman’s period and of the awkward subjacent effects, breasts natural enlargement.

Many women are finally aware of what orgasm is (it’s known for a fact that women need almost 30 minutes of erotic stimulation, whereas the man is done within 10 minutes in most of the cases). Usually, men become so obsessed with sexual achievements and performance, that they forget the real purpose of lovemaking, the profound union with the beloved one. Keep in mind that the best lovers of all time were completely relaxed and aware of what was going on, both within themselves and within their lovers. Once a man manages to practice sexual continence, he will be able to satisfy his lover regardless how much "help" she needs to reach an orgasm.

An intense multiple prolonged orgasm, without ejaculation, has the complex effects of an efficient perfectly natural medicine. Physical love without discharging of sexual energy, realized by an united and loving couple, can naturally protect the human body from deseases, depressions or aches. It is perfect for the improvement of the activity of the immune system. In the same time, beings who practise sexual continence perseveringly are less stressed, much more self-cofident and optimistic.

Moreover, by sexual continence we get a chance to reach back to ourselves as spiritual beings in a superior understanding of love and life. It is a process of expansion of the entire being, not just of sexuality and it is a process that starts with the awakening of a serious interest for the self and with a choice – the choice to take the responsibility of our own virility and well-being.

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